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Ivy & Saige was created with teen girls and the modern women in mind, providing fashion that is both stylish and comfortable. The creators both have a passion, or in in some cases an obsession, for clothes and shopping and they work together choosing pieces that they feel best represent their personal style.

Ivy & Saige consists of a mother and daughter team, Candi & Karli Reese Grzegorczyk. Many of you know them from their popular family YouTube Channel, Our Family Nest. Karli Reese also has her own lifestyle channel titled Karli Reese. 

The name Ivy & Saige is a little piece of both Candi and Karli. Ivy, is one of Karli's most favorite things in the world, her kitty cat. Saige is a more feminine way of spelling Sage, which means "wise through reflection and intelligence". Candi wanted a strong word to resemble that with perseverance and hard work women can do anything!

The dream is for Ivy & Saige to also become a local boutique someday. Candi and Karli would also like to create their very own fashion label with one of a kind pieces.  They also hope to inspire other women and young girls that dreams can come true. 

Always follow your dreams, believe yourself, and never give up!


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